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Adrian Bradbury brad@bfdc.co.uk 

My aim, since starting the business in 1980, has been to provide the best service possible for my customers. I can do this because for the most part it is a labour of love. From designing the covers and postmarks to their despatch to you the customer I endeavour to strive for the highest standards. 

This business evolved from my childhood love of stamps. After all these years, I still have that love and enthusiasm for first day covers and more recently the stamp sheets. Like many stamp dealers I started the business on a part-time basis, my full time job being with the City Treasurer's Department at Leicester City Council. In 1980 I decided to take a gamble and go full time into the world of first day covers. 

My intial role was to design the covers, postmarks and monthly newsletters which I still do. I have also taken a very active role in setting up this new website - scanning all the images and ensuring it is always up to date. It is my responsibility to keep on top of an ever increasing work load of new stamp issues and all the organisation which that entails, there are always deadlines to keep. More recently I have also designed a number of special Stamp Sheets (often referred to as 'Smilers' sheets). This side of the business has almost taken over from the first day covers which I now limit to increasingly smaller print-runs.

In addition I spent about ten years assisting in the development of
 the Stamp Organiser, a software program which allows users to record details of their collection of British stamps and related products.  This is an ongoing project as all of the new Royal Stamps etc have to be added in order to produce an revised updated version at each year end.   I also compile, design and edit the collectors' bible for British FDCs - 'Collecting British First Day Covers' which has been published annually since 1980.

I do my best to ensure that all stock items are despatched on the same day that the orders are received (Monday to Saturday). I still normally manage to despatch the new issues on the issue date - this is achieved through dedication and determination in the knowledge that it is greatly appreciated by my customers, some of whom have been collecting my covers since the business started in 1980.


More recently I have also emarked on making this website not just a place to buy items, but also a visual resource for collectors, by adding more images of British first day covers for reference only - these images have been supplied by many of my customers. The resource area of the site also includes images of all the stamps issued by Royal Mail since the 1840 Penny Black, and all related items such as presentation packs, stamp books, PHQ cards etc.

Stephanie Kyte steph@bfdc.co.uk 

Steph works four mornings a week and helps desptach the orders and adds new covers to the website. She has become a real gem, coming to terms with all the intricacies of British first day covers.


I hope you enjoy browsing through the website and find lots of covers and stamp sheets to add to your collection. 

If you experience any problems with the website or feel that I have entered any information incorrectly, then please let me know by email: brad@bfdc.co.uk