Post Bus in Scotland

38984 | 14.01.2014 | £29.99

Printed by Royal Mail. Designed by Adrian Bradbury
Post Bus in Scotland Post Bus in Scotland
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14th January 2014
Post Bus in Scotland Stamp Sheet (Smilers®)
A G Bradbury, History of Britain 99
The sheet is limited to 500 numbered copies.

This is the ninth stamp sheet produced in association with the British Postal Museum Archive. I have given a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of this sheet totalling £1,000 to the BPMA to support their charitable educational work. The BPMA cares for visual, physical and written records of over 400 years of postal heritage, and I am also supporting the BPMA's charitable aims through the sales of this stamp sheet.

The first postbus was introduced into Scotland in 1968 running from Dunbar to Innerwick in East Lothian. The postbus, is first and foremost, a mail van with a postal job to do. The typical postbus gave a twice daily service on the main route over which it ran. The first morning service was the delivery run, perhaps taking 2 hours or more to cover a 15 mile route. The postbus would then return to base, stopping only to set down or pick up passengers. There would follow an afternoon run, this time giving a fast run out to the distant end, stopping on the return journey only for passengers and to collect mail from post offices and wayside post boxes.